From Acción Liberal, Think Tank for Freedom, we want to endorse the judicial associations, the senior judges, the regional Aragón High Court, the prosecutors, the State attorneys, the Justice clerks, the State security forces, the tax inspectors, the labor and social security inspectors, the Professional Association of Secretaries, Auditors, and Treasurers of Local Administration, the Spanish Confederation of Entrepreneurial Organizations (CEOE), the Spanish Diplomats Association, the Juan de Mariana Institute, and all the organizations that have expressed concern about the investiture agreements that the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), led by its General Secretary Mr. Pedro Sánchez, has reached in the recent past few weeks.

Specifically, as Acción Liberal, we would like to alert from the significant risk posed by the documents we have come to know through the press for such important elements of liberal democracy as the separation of powers, the existence of counter-powers to political power, the possibility of viable political turnover, or the compliance with the principles of equality, solidarity, and adherence to the Constitution.

For the past 5 years, we have been warning about the degradation of Spain’s institutional quality. In a mature democracy, there is no room, for example, for the General Prosecutor’s Office to depend on former government ministers; for not changing the system for electing the General Council of the Judiciary so as to depoliticize it; or for such important bodies as the Constitutional Court to be controlled by individuals with an ideological profile aligned with the government, breaking the traditional checks and balances that guaranteed its impartiality and the rigorous and professional application of the Constitution.

In recent weeks, we have been witnessing what many of our colleagues from Spanish-speaking countries did warn us: a Socialist revolution is only possible when counter-powers and institutions to go to are faded away.

We have seen how a tax like the solidarity tax on large fortunes has been endorsed by the Constitutional Court despite clearly violating basic constitutional precepts. Also, we are witnessing how judges are publicly targeted by political power to apply the so called concept of “lawfare”, which is nothing else than devoting the entire machinery of the State to the service of political power to punish anyone willing to enforce the law and allowing autocrats to override the principle that, in democracy, limits are set by laws.

But above all, we are witnessing the greatest threat to our democracy in history: an amnesty law. This means putting the rule of law, the system of judicial guarantees, and our state security forces at the mercy of those who have seriously violated our Constitution and have been convicted for it. This goes beyond whitewashing, media manipulation, and pardons that we have already suffered so far.

This is simply bringing to an end the State model that we established in 1978 among all Spaniards. Civil society associations have the obligation to denounce it and try to stop it with all the tools at our disposal.

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